Deeper Learning 2014
Why attend DIY Deeper Learning 2014?
1. You are an educator who cares deeply about preparing students for college and the careers of tomorrow. You want students thinking critically, collaborating, doing and making. You want them persevering through challenge, and actually running towards it. Now ask yourself, do you really want to miss this? Read this EdWeek blog about DL2013.
2.  We believe Doing = Learning = Fun. Inspired by the maker movement, DL2014 will not just talk about deeper learning. We will experience it for ourselves. Your first day at DL2014 will be a "Deep Dive" of your choosing. Will you explore the wild world of lobsters, build a robot, make a short film, or engineer your way to the common core? Deep Dives are filling up fast, so be among the first to Apply for an Invitation and get your first choice.
3. You will leave with new ideas, tools and practices - and new partners in the work. This is not your typical conference. No talking heads or boring power points here. You will interact. You will make connections with others bringing deeper learning to schools. You will leave with inspiration, and with things you can use the next day.  And we invite you to share your good work and Propose a Workshop.
The Nitty Gritty:
When: March 26-28, 2014  
Where: High Tech High in San Diego, CA

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